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popcorn texture removal services Pueblo, CO

Having popcorn ceilings can really make your home look out dated. If you are planning on doing any thing else to the ceiling. The first step is to get rid of that ugly popcorn texture. Our popcorn texture removal services can take care of this task so you don't have to. We can come scrape it right off the ceilings and pick up the mess leaving the area spotless. Once every single bit of the popcorn texture is removed, drywall experts will do a quick inspection to see if there is any damage to the ceilings. If they do find any. They will go ahead and patch it up in order to get it ready for some skim coating finishes. If you do not like the way your ceilings look then give us a call or contact us using the contact form. Don't let those walls or ceilings bother you any more.

What is Popcorn Texture

popcorn texture applied on wall

Popcorn texture is product that was created with asbestos and was widely used in the early 1900's due to its ease of use, low cost and fire resistant properties. After the ban of asbestos, it's now created with either paper based or Styrofoam products. This type of texturing is also referred to as stucco ceiling, stipple ceiling and acoustic ceiling. It has the ability to cover imperfections and add acoustic properties. Eventually this texturing method faded out and is seen less in homes since the 2000's.

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Benefits of Removing Popcorn Texture

increase resale value

Increase Your Home's Resale Value

​Many home buyers are now directing more attention to the ceilings. They are becoming more interested in more of a modern smooth look. Having popcorn texture on your ceilings may be looked as an unwanted cost if prospective buyers are having to plan to have it removed professionally. Easily prevent this by having it removed resulting in increasing the value of your home.

cleaning ceiling after popcorn texture was removed

Easier To Clean Ceilings

Not having popcorn texture on your ceiling makes it a breeze to maintain. You don't have to worry about accidentally scraping off pieces resulting in making more of a mess. You'll be able to use soft liquid detergents to rid those unwanted stains. Where as with popcorn texture, it gets too wet. It can literally start peeling off from the surface of the ceiling.

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Improves The Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

There is something about smooth finished ceilings that tend to give off that high end elegant look. This ads to the modern look that most home owners and home buyers are looking for. It instantly improves the overall look of your space.

Disadvantages of Popcorn Texture

outdated home interior

Outdated look

For most home owners and prospective buyers. Popcorn textured ceilings just scream old and outdated. This style was used in the early 1900's and is has been fading out of style steadily since the 2000's. The new modern look is what is in which tends to consist of sleek smooth finishes.

using roller to paint over popcorn texture on ceilings

Difficult to Maintain

If you have tried cleaning popcorn texture off your ceiling. Then you already know it can get pretty messy. There's a tendency of accidentally scraping off loose pieces and having it get everywhere. It also acts as a very efficient dust and cobweb collector. It also has the ability to easily soak up stains.

repair on ceiling

Repairs Are Time Consuming

Repairs can really take up quite a bit of time to complete. If there are cracks or holes it can't be sprayed with popcorn texture from an aerosol can. If this is done it will create unevenness in on the surface. The damaged area needs to be prepped first. It would have to be completely scraped and then drywall compound skimmed over then sanded. Finally, the popcorn texture can be applied. That in itself can be difficult because it needs to match the surrounding texture to create a seamless repair.

microscopic view of asbestos inside popcorn texture Pueblo, CO

May Contain Asbestos

Asbestos was used in popcorn texture applications due to it's fire resistant properties. It was used all the way up into the early 1980's and can still be found in homes today. Unfortunately, this product is considered a health hazard and has been proven to be a carcinogen that is linked to causing mesothelioma.

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