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Drywall water damage Pueblo, CO

Have you stood in front of one of your walls annoyed, with your arms crossed or hands on your hips staring at your damaged wall? Now there you are saying to yourself that drywall repair is not your strongest skill set. That's okay because we are only a phone call away.

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For those of you who own rental properties where the tenants have left the walls riddle with deep cracks, holes or tear-outs. We totally understand how you feel. When things like this happen it can be real frustrating and only adds to the list of other things to our busy lives. I mean can we just get a break? Well the answer is yes! That is where we come in.

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Our drywall repair professionals are experts in fixing any damage that may exist. We provide top quality results for reasonable prices. Hopefully you will be able to rest easy knowing that you will not have to claim bankruptcy for having us to provide services for you. We are always respectful to the customer’s concerns when it comes to their budget. Our specialist will go over some options with you in order to find the best solution.

We understand time is money. Those of you who flip houses or have any rentals know that projects need to be completed on time and without any roadblocks. When the work is not completed on time then the homes do not get purchased or rented out. If you need some professional assistance in making your property market ready. Let us know and we will develop a plan in order to meet your deadline.

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Common Drywall Damage

drywall cracking


Drywall cracking seams to happen out of no where. This is due to the fact that these cracks usually happens over long periods of time. This is caused by stress points in the home and natural settling of structures. Unfortunately, this can also be caused due to incorrect methods when applying drywall mud on the walls.

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It seems that creating holes in your drywall is inevitable. Life just loves to surprise us in that way. Holes can occur due to the kids running around rough housing, opening doors aggressively and letting the wall take the impact. Lastly, how about when we are moving large pieces of furniture. There's nothing like accidentally banging your dresser and making your mark.

nail pop in drywall

Popping Nails

These also tend to sneak up us over time. These nail pops occur usually after new construction while the structure is naturally settling. The studs tend to twist and push the nail back through the drywall. This ends up creating what looks like little bumps where the drywall was nailed to the wooden stud.

loose joint tape Pueblo, CO

Joint Tape Loosened

Loosened joint tape can occur due to several things. It can be caused by humid conditions. It can also be caused due to incorrectly using too much or too little drywall mud during the application.

Drywall water damage

Water Damage

Water damaged drywall can be a pain in the butt for most home owners. It tells the owner two things. They have a leak and now damaged drywall. These types of damages can be a real eyesore. It's best to get this resolved so that way the damaged drywall doesn't have a chance to get moldy a smell up the place.

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