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Our drywall finish experts can provide a multitude of finishes once the drywall has been installed. The level of finish is totally dependent on what look you are going for. Even if you want a “no finish look” because you plan on doing it yourself to lower costs. That’s OK also. We will discuss some of the finishing options with you so you will be able to make an informed decision. This way you can feel more comfortable with the process and know exactly what you are receiving. We do not want you to worry and feel overwhelmed while trying to decide on exactly what you want. Let us help guide you and we will make sure that this step of the process goes smoothly.

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Drywall Finish Levels

There are a total of 6 drywall finishes that can be applied after drywall has been installed. The levels begin at 0 and end at 5. Each finish is specific to the level and provides a different result after each one is applied.

Level 0 Finish

level 0 finish

This entails that only the drywall is fastened to the walls and ceilings. No tape, joint compound and skim coats are applied. Level 0 can be used in areas of the home that are not used or seen as much such as the garage, attic, basement and behind cabinets.

Level 1 Finish

level 1 finish

This level covers applying joint tape to the creases of the wall where one section of drywall butts up against another section of drywall. Joint tape is embedded in joint compound and then applied to the joints of the wall. This finish can also be used in areas of the home that are not used or seen that often such as the attic, garage and basement.

Level 2 Finish

level 2 finish

This level includes level 1 application. The drywall is coated with a layer of joint compound covering the joint tape and holes where the screws have been drilled in. If you are planning on installing tile then this should be the last finish that is applied.

Level 3 Finish

level 3 finish

This level includes level 1 & 2 applications. This level means that another coat of joint compound is applied to the wall. This coat should cover both the joint tape and screws. If you are planning on applying rough texture such as skip trowel or anything similar. Then stop at this level.

Level 4 Finish

level 4 finish

Includes levels 1-3. This level is known as the classic drywall finish. This level consist of another layer of joint compound that is applied to the joint tape and screws. Once the joint compound is dried it is then sanded.

Level 5 Finish

level 5 finish

Includes all levels of previous finishes. This level is considered the most important where a light skim is used. This is to press the compound into the pores of the drywall paper creating a smooth finish. It’s recommended to use a level 5 finish if the walls are going to be in areas with critical lighting and if you are planning on using high gloss paint.

To reiterate, you do not have to have all finishes applied. Some finishes are best used in certain areas or under certain conditions. Again, we will guide you through the process. We also want to hear what your ideas or concerns are. That way we can point you in the right direction that best suit your needs. Give us a call or fill out the contact form for your free estimate.

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